The restaurant and the hotel are situated in a beautiful region of Silesia – in Kamień Śląski, which is massively visited by tourists, pilgrims, and bathers.

Our facility is situated in a close neighborhood of the St. Jack’s Sanctuary and the “Sebastianeum Silesiacum” spa.

These two facilities are surrounded by a gorgeous park, where you can walk and enjoy fresh air. In spa is possible to take the benefit of healing treatments, and refresh body in a swimming pool.  The spa also offers a stud farm which allows you horseback sightseeing.

Kamień Śląski  is a town with a wide, over 900-year history. It is a winner of the “Beautiful  Village 2004” competition, and gained a recognition in the European Competition of the Restoration of Villages in 2000. In the village you can find a beautiful St. Jack’c Church, a country meetings square, a sport-recreational complex, and a disco. In the sport area it is possible to play tennis, football, and volleyball. In summer season it is also possible to use the school outdoor swimming pool.

Near Kamień Śląski there is St. Ann’s Hill with a sanctuary on the top of it. The hill  is a landscape park, and a monument of history at the same time.

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